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  • Jorduan Griffin
    Jorduan Griffin28 minutes ago

    Maybe next time give Lex someone he actually has a chance against?

  • Ashton 2176
    Ashton 217649 minutes ago

    Let's not forget that Doom and Lex is literally covered in metal! Make him fight Magneto, and Magneto will just crush him into a ball, just like in dorkly bits

  • Devin Gibson
    Devin GibsonHour ago

    Man lex lost two rounds he really is the L on his name get it

  • Shubham Sagar Singh
    Shubham Sagar SinghHour ago

    this was not fair to lex doom should be ripping him apart.

  • Christopher Steel
    Christopher SteelHour ago

    Saint Seiya V Ronin Warriors. I'd like to see that old school matchup.

  • Spicy Fry
    Spicy Fry2 hours ago

    An idea for a death battle video: Shredder vs venom (TMNT vs Marvel)

  • moneybaLLz
    moneybaLLz2 hours ago

    Why did I think MF DOOM

  • Local Man
    Local Man2 hours ago

    what happened when lex turned into superman for a bit, was this doom or lex using a mind swap power? I was a little confused by that bit TBH.

  • Pesci is the best character

    Pesci is the best character

    Hour ago

    He used the everyman project, which gives him kryptonian powers at the cost of having 6 months to live.

  • Maricia Lambo
    Maricia Lambo2 hours ago

    make luz vs anne

  • Patrick Melvin
    Patrick Melvin3 hours ago

    Wow! That fight was good! But, I’d still like to see a remastered episode of Rogue vs. Wonder Woman.

  • Bean Havok
    Bean Havok3 hours ago

    I think with PROPER VISION in the MCU (something they lake as of late) Dr. Doom could be a VERY good replacement as the next Thanos type character.

  • Jerome Simmons
    Jerome Simmons3 hours ago


  • Simp Lord
    Simp Lord3 hours ago

    Wanna see asuras vs kratos

  • No Name
    No Name4 hours ago

    Marvel bias. Lex managed to get the Equation

  • Minato D Roger
    Minato D Roger4 hours ago

    Still waiting on the sentry vs superboy prime fight

  • Pudgemiester
    Pudgemiester5 hours ago

    Anyone know the song during dooms analysis?

  • Earnest Palmer III
    Earnest Palmer III5 hours ago

    Silver Surfer jojo posed like Giorno

  • K.O.Boateng
    K.O.Boateng5 hours ago

    do an Avatar Aang VS. Avatar Korra death battle like if you want this to happen

  • Adnan Khan
    Adnan Khan5 hours ago

    Ending was ficked up

  • Jayron Gillamac
    Jayron Gillamac5 hours ago


  • birddogne666
    birddogne6665 hours ago

    Lame. Predictable. Whatever.

  • The five ‘O’
    The five ‘O’5 hours ago

    Mephisto (Marvel) vs Raven (DC)

  • Banana Rama
    Banana Rama5 hours ago

    Love this matchup even though after doing Lex vs. Iron Man it's obvious Doom would win too.

  • Jay Bone
    Jay Bone5 hours ago

    To be foolish enough to face Doom is to face your doom!!

  • Doctor doom
    Doctor doom7 hours ago

    Look I have the foot dive, who do you think is going to win?

  • Ricardo Zende Kambinda
    Ricardo Zende Kambinda7 hours ago

    Bully Maguire vs Deadpool

  • Lil Poetboy
    Lil Poetboy7 hours ago

    Moon girl vs Teen Lantern pleaseeee

  • Ash Brooks
    Ash Brooks8 hours ago

    I’m so confused did they swap back? Or did lex win in Dooms body

  • RetroRaptor


    5 hours ago

    They swapped back

  • Matt
    Matt8 hours ago

    The real reason why Lex can't be like Superman. Because the writers won't allow it.

  • Brad Clark
    Brad Clark9 hours ago

    How can Doc Doom resist Purple Man’s mind control?

  • J Naik
    J Naik9 hours ago

    Oh yeah! I'm waiting for the next one.

  • Seth Seth
    Seth Seth10 hours ago

    If Lex Luthor can be beaten by Iron Man then he can be beaten by Doctor Doom.

  • Ch33to Villalpando
    Ch33to Villalpando10 hours ago

    They should do a shego vs azula

  • Rob York
    Rob York11 hours ago

    Luthor falls to 0-2 in Death Battle and is eliminated from playoff contention. Doom moves to 2-0 and advances to face Wonder Woman in the quarterfinals.

  • otakon17
    otakon1712 hours ago

    16:32 DId...did Dr. Doom just use BIGBY'S GRIPPING HAND?!

  • George Watson
    George Watson12 hours ago

    Another win for marvel, I believe that Marvel is in the lead in (DC vs Marvel). Death Battle wants Marvel to either tie up with DC or win. Watch death battle is going to black cat (Marvel) vs catwoman (DC).

  • Rick James
    Rick James12 hours ago

    Waaahhh a Marvel beat a DC on death battle? Maybe in 5 years now they will Give Lex a 3rd shot and he'll win. Just like Shadow.

  • Regdu Geht

    Regdu Geht

    11 hours ago

    Snoopy v. Garfield!!! Optional: partnered with friends Woodstock and Odie!!!

  • Emo Mc
    Emo Mc12 hours ago

    Heihachi is gonna win He’s been thrown into volcanoes, dropped from outer space...the dude is nearly indestructible

  • Regdu Geht

    Regdu Geht

    11 hours ago

    Superman destroy homelander

  • Zhao Yun
    Zhao Yun12 hours ago

    Can you guys create a death battle video for Jason Bourne versus James Bond, please?

  • crouton lad
    crouton lad12 hours ago

    oh my god they used mcoc doctor doom footage

  • Zadock
    Zadock12 hours ago

    13:53 when the DOOM music kicks in.

  • BX Bimbo
    BX Bimbo13 hours ago

    Can ya please consider to make "Katara" from Avatar: The last airbender vs "skarlet" from mortal kombat 11

  • ryan hooi
    ryan hooi14 hours ago

    16:45 Lex just did superman's ultimate move from injustice 2

  • Mushfiqur Rahman
    Mushfiqur Rahman14 hours ago

    god doom vs apex lex

  • Conner Gaskell
    Conner Gaskell14 hours ago

    Lex couldn't kill iron man or doom and there both wearing armoured suits 🤣🤣🤣

  • Edgar Castillo
    Edgar Castillo14 hours ago

    Here's one that can work for a death battle, Punisher vs Max Payne.

  • Weizi
    Weizi14 hours ago

    Oh look, Lex lost to Ironman, so what do we do now? I know, pit him against someone even stronger.

  • Mama Zee
    Mama Zee14 hours ago

    Maybe include brainiac (DC) in one of your death battles?

  • LN SateLLA
    LN SateLLA14 hours ago

    According to death battle Goku

  • Chhay Sour

    Chhay Sour

    13 hours ago

    I mean Lex has Kryptonites.

  • Angel Macias
    Angel Macias14 hours ago

    Sentry vs Superman who’s with me?

  • StepDad Gremmy

    StepDad Gremmy

    14 hours ago

    It depends on their versions

  • Michael Noel
    Michael Noel14 hours ago

    Y'all should do something with Michelangelo as The Last Ronin when the 5 part series is complete

  • olafur olafsson
    olafur olafsson14 hours ago

    Superman destroy homelander

  • neokazzman
    neokazzman14 hours ago

    Snoopy v. Garfield!!! Optional: partnered with friends Woodstock and Odie!!!

  • David Bush
    David Bush15 hours ago

    After Heihachi vs Geest battle it would be incredible if they did grimmjow jaegerjaquez vs ban

  • Vikram Kumar
    Vikram Kumar15 hours ago


  • Master's Sword
    Master's Sword15 hours ago

    I was expecting a Doombot to be fighting Luthor the entire time

  • Nelso Javier
    Nelso Javier15 hours ago

    Ben 10 in do you know the death battle Ben 10 versus Green Lantern why did Green Lantern start Ballin been is benches could’ve explained that geometry is stuck to him forever and then after that I’ll join kills been even though Green Lantern or not a post to kill

  • gamefame 2014
    gamefame 201415 hours ago

    When you do steven universe vs star butterfly dont forget about Steven pushing through the light speed ship

  • Rage 2000
    Rage 200015 hours ago

    How about: Right Hand Man (Henry Stickmin) vs Hank (Madness Combat)

  • Dustin Barboza
    Dustin Barboza16 hours ago

    What about Thanos versus Kratos

  • RipzMad:•


    8 hours ago

    Kratos gets destroyed easily.

  • Legit Man
    Legit Man16 hours ago

    Death battle I wanna see itachi vs sesshomaru

  • Chrollo Lucilfer
    Chrollo Lucilfer16 hours ago

    17:25 this man really pulled a sakuna

  • Chrollo Lucilfer
    Chrollo Lucilfer16 hours ago

    I didn’t know dr doom was a earth bender

  • SeaHero01
    SeaHero0116 hours ago

    I got worried because I thought lex was gonna win for a sec 😅

  • Samuel Alleman
    Samuel Alleman16 hours ago

    So could Doom beat Superman then?

  • RipzMad:•


    3 hours ago

    @IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch in the mid tier DC have more power but overall yeah Marvel is more powerful.

  • IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

    IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

    3 hours ago

    @RipzMad:• actually I heard that Marvel has more power than DC

  • RetroRaptor


    5 hours ago

    @RipzMad:• agreed

  • RipzMad:•


    8 hours ago

    @IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch not the entire, but still

  • IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

    IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

    16 hours ago

    Doctor Doom will definitely take the entire DC comics down

  • RocketMan
    RocketMan17 hours ago

    This wasn’t even close, everyone knew doom was going to win this

  • Just some guy with a Sword
    Just some guy with a Sword17 hours ago

    17:56 that caught me off guard lmao

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Federal Bureau of Investigation17 hours ago

    next do cosmic armor superman vs grand preist

  • Deep Six

    Deep Six

    4 hours ago

    @flameknightdragon Wait isn't Grand Priest Multiversal?

  • Deep Six

    Deep Six

    4 hours ago

    @flameknightdragon Exactly

  • flameknightdragon


    4 hours ago

    CAS stomps. Grand preist's best scaling is universe level, worth CAS has scaling to Outerverse level. That would put CAS over anything dragon ball has.

  • Deep Six

    Deep Six

    15 hours ago

    @Federal Bureau of Investigation That's not true at all you fanboy. CAS is immensely superior in every single way and would mop the floor with Grand Priest before he could even react.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    16 hours ago

    @Deep Six he basically knows all and he would know how to gain CAS'S power and how to defeat him

  • Cam B
    Cam B17 hours ago

    Bugs Bunny vs. Rick Sanchez?

  • Tristan Cummings
    Tristan Cummings17 hours ago

    Are we not going to talk about how Lex pulled an Injustice 2 Superman attack?

  • chimera oscuro
    chimera oscuro17 hours ago

    Boba fett vs the predator

  • shAWN sWINT
    shAWN sWINT17 hours ago

    5:02 Cough ''Donald Trump''!!!

  • Chase Whitehurst
    Chase Whitehurst17 hours ago

    "Intellect is unmatched in their worlds..." Bruce and Tony: cute.

  • Kamijou Teitoku
    Kamijou Teitoku17 hours ago

    As much as I expected the results, pulling a Ginyu shook me a bit. *Clap*clap*

  • Rick Daniel
    Rick Daniel17 hours ago

    16:42 to 16:55 is Superman’s ultra attack in Injustice 2

  • Michael Balcom
    Michael Balcom18 hours ago

    Can we throw lex a bone and send him up against someone he actually has the IQ to challenge like I don't know the Crimson Dynamo, or the Iron Monger

  • Vegito Saiyan
    Vegito Saiyan18 hours ago

    Please make Ben 10 ultimate vs max steel

  • Max Schechter
    Max Schechter18 hours ago

    I think you mean GOOSE is fighting next week

  • Frederick Zabala
    Frederick Zabala18 hours ago

    Carmen SanDiego Vs Waldo

  • Tsurgeo1992
    Tsurgeo199218 hours ago

    Mxyzptlk Vs Bat Mite. Make it happen DB!

  • RipzMad:•


    8 hours ago

    It already happened in the comics tho

  • Terrell Jackson
    Terrell Jackson18 hours ago


  • Duberly Mazuelos B.
    Duberly Mazuelos B.18 hours ago


  • Joey Aderman
    Joey Aderman18 hours ago

    havent seen the results yet but my bets are on doom, the combo of magic and science is incredibly potent, will edit with my reaction to the results edit: YES!!!!

  • Saif Mahmud
    Saif Mahmud19 hours ago

    Dr Doom is so deadly and strong. Lex sucks compared to him

  • Gaming Savior
    Gaming Savior19 hours ago

    Y’all forgot Luthor second nickname Sexx Luthor

  • Sum Guy
    Sum Guy19 hours ago

    3:15 that’s a travel speed feet not a combat speed feet

  • Justin Alicea

    Justin Alicea

    18 hours ago

    And? Travel speed can be used for a gauge of reaction speed. Not only do most beings need to react at the speed they travel in order to not crash into everything, but a lot of fictional characters just don't have a real reactionary feat, so that's the best you get.

  • RavenKaiser
    RavenKaiser19 hours ago

    Noob Saibot vs Fumikage Tokoyami

  • Tiny T.W.I.M
    Tiny T.W.I.M19 hours ago

    Just remember all caps when you spell the man name

  • Z Catcher
    Z Catcher19 hours ago

    Lex has three L’s now

  • shani yan
    shani yan20 hours ago

    “can you imagine a president who’s an evil billionaire and hates aliens” ....and created a space force....

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez20 hours ago


  • 伊长老Elder
    伊长老Elder20 hours ago

    16:46 Isn’t that injustice 2 supermans finisher

  • Michael Henry
    Michael Henry20 hours ago

    Not sure if this is the right place for suggestions but I'm lazy so... Rick Jones vs Jimmy Olsen

  • shani yan

    shani yan

    20 hours ago

    "Can you imagine a president who is a billionaire and hates aliens?" I see what you did there!😉✌🏼👨🏼‍💼✌🏼😰🇲🇽💥🤛🏻😲 😅

  • rayo nex
    rayo nex21 hour ago

    i honestly thought Lex was gonna win this one.

  • Shawn Kow
    Shawn Kow21 hour ago

    Wait no more blue apron?

  • kilarymz4life
    kilarymz4life21 hour ago


  • kilarymz4life
    kilarymz4life21 hour ago

    DEATH BATTLE! Clementine Vs Ellie!

  • Nick
    Nick21 hour ago


  • lightfdar
    lightfdar21 hour ago

    predicted this was the most likely outcome, however let me note that this maybe the first time a Marvel character has defeated a DC character in a death battle.

  • RetroRaptor


    18 hours ago

    Spiderman, Venom, Rogue, Ghost Rider, Black Panther, Deadpool, Ironman, Winter Soldier and Hawkeye: Am I a joke to you?

  • Aaron Vlogs
    Aaron Vlogs21 hour ago

    "This power is like the Gods....Beneath me" -doom-